How we work with you

Extensive experience and attention to detail combine to make the process of building with us as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating with Pointbreak we will take care of the following:

All our projects are run according to a program, which is shared with you at the start of the build. This allows you to monitor progress as we continue and allows us to manage any bottlenecks to keep your job on track. Knowing what is happening when also allows you to plan your life and notify us of any clashes that can’t be avoided.

Our projects are all undertaken on a fixed cost basis and our pricing is transparent. You will know how much your build is going to cost – this means no risk of blowouts to your budget. If you wish to change something, we guarantee to present you with the cost implications first allowing you to decide whether you wish to proceed.

Tradesmen that work for Pointbreak are proud of what they create and our handy-work is the best advert for our business. Therefore we use a multi-point checklist at each stage of the job to ensure nothing gets left behind and tasks are completed in the most efficient and effective sequence.

You will be regularly updated on progress and any issues that may arise will be communicated to you on the day we become aware of them. You will have direct access to Martin for any questions you may have and Martin will reply to any queries within 24hrs.

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